So you’re riding down the street when you get pulled over for a busted taillight. Shouldn’t be a big deal...right? Well, did you forget to pay a traffic ticket and not show up for court? You could be going to jail immediately! Failing to show up for court is just one way to have a warrant issued for your arrest. If you know there is a warrant in your name, there are several things you need to know so that you minimize jail time...or possibly avoid jail all together.

At Dauthiers Bail Bonds we are trained and educated in order to assist you in gathering the information about your warrant, posting bail for your warrant and helping you get the warrant worked through the system. If you believe you have a warrant of any kind, you can contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds by phone to get more information without the intimidation of visiting the courthouse.

How To Post Bail for My Warrant?

When you contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds, we may be able to determine your bail amount before you even come into the office! Certain warrants have predetermined bail amounts. This is GOOD NEWS! It means that you could post bail without having to spend one day in jail! However, it is important to note that warrants issued in relation to serious felony charges may not have this option.

Bail Bond for Warrant

A bail bond is the most common option to avoid arrest on an outstanding warrant. Contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds and we will determine the status of your warrant and give you some payment options – you may qualify for our FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION. We will then post a surety bond to allow you to remain jail free. After the bond is posted, the warrant is recalled and a court date will be set for your offense.

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