Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions

The bail amount is set by a judge during a bail hearing. The judge will consider a variety of factors, including the severity of the crime, previous convictions, the defendant's ties to the community, family, and whether or not they have steady employment.
"I can't afford the bail!" That's where we can help. If you cannot afford bail, you need to hire a bail agent such as Dauthiers Bail Bonds. You will pay a small fee to the agent, who will take on the responsibility of the full bail amount.
When contacting Dauthiers Bail Bonds, make sure you know:
• The full name of the person in jail
• What jail they are in
• The charges
• Any other information you can get
Our office is conveniently located across from Livingston Parish Detention Center. Generally, our client walks in and we welcome you to do so. However, we are available 24/7 to assist you at 225-686-1717. We can meet you at our office or another location to best assist you.
FAST! We are one of the fastest bail bondsman in the state. As soon as you have made your payment arrangement (any premiums paid/collateral assigned) we post the bond! We pride ourselves on getting the fastest posting to ensure that we are doing everything we can to process your loved one.
While we everything faster here at Dauthiers Bail Bonds, the release process at the jail can take a short time or several hours. It depends on the circumstances and how crowded the jail is. We have a nice waiting area in our office. You may also want us to contact you when your loved one is available at the jail. We do our best to make this process easy and comfortable.
After the person has been released, they must show up for all assigned court proceedings and meet any conditions set by Dauthiers Bail Bonds.
If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail agent will be required to pay the full bail amount. If this happens or if the defendant violates any bail conditions, the bail agent will locate the defendant and take them back to jail.
If the defendant does not make their court date you could lose any collateral that was signed over with the bond, but as long the defendant complies with the terms set by the bail agent and shows up for all court dates, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
Once the trial is over you are no longer obligated to the bond. It does not matter whether the defendant was found innocent or guilty.


Arrest Warrant FAQ

When you contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds, we may be able to determine your bail amount before you even come into the office! Certain warrants have predetermined bail amounts. This is GOOD NEWS! It means that you could post bail without having to spend one day in jail! However, it is important to note that warrants issued in relation to serious felony charges may not have this option.
An arrest warrant (or warrant of arrest) simply means that you have not yet been taken into custody for an offense or in connection to a criminal act. Sometimes law enforcement can identify you as a suspect in a case and you may not even be aware there is a warrant for your arrest. However, if you are aware of your warrant and you are currently running from the law, it could be really bad. You could be facing much higher bail or they could arrest you without the option of bail.
Bench warrants are usually issued by a judge when a defendant does not show up for court. Bench warrants are distributed throughout the local area and law enforcement will arrest you on site – even if you are not currently breaking any laws. They can arrest you anywhere and anytime. When you are arrested for a bench warrant, it is counted as an additional offense and you could have your driver’s license revoked.
Actually, a bail bond is the most common option to avoid arrest on an outstanding warrant. Contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds and we will determine the status of your warrant and give you some payment options – you may qualify for our FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTION. We will then post a surety bond to allow you to remain jail free. After the bond is posted, the warrant is recalled and a court date will be set for your offense.
Yes...but it may cost more in the long run.
You can turn yourself in to law enforcement. It can be a very scary experience. You would need to call the court, giving your case number or name and birthday. They will tell you what options you have for the warrant in your name. In some cases you may “Post and Forfeit” the warrant; after paying the full bail, the warrant is recalled and the case is closed.
When bail is paid in cash, the courts hold onto this money until a trial has completely concluded. Now the bail amount may be returned...minus court costs...minus expenses. Typically, when bail is paid with cash you will incur higher court fees. Basically, the court becomes aware that you have plenty of cash – so they don’t hesitate to charge you full price for all expenses incurred. Expenses could even include a portion of public defender costs! Doesn’t seem fair...but it’s the way it works most of the time.
First thing...Call Dauthiers Bail Bonds to be sure that your warrant information is accurate. If bail is not predetermined for your warrant, you still have a couple of options.
You can turn yourself in to law enforcement. There is a chance that you could be released “on your own recognizance.” Or they may have you wait in jail until your hearing to know if you’re eligible for bail. Bail is NOT a constitutional right – which means you do not have a right to bail. However, the law does protect you from excessive bail.
It is possible, in some cases, that you can request a hearing by being added to the walk-in warrant calendar. You would then appear where the original case was scheduled to be heard and ask to be added to the hearing docket for that day. If bail is set during this hearing, you can contact Dauthiers Bail Bonds to assist you in posting the bail at this time. However, some warrants have “no court surrender” appending to them – in which case you can NOT request a walk-in. You would just need to turn yourself into the police.


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Dauthiers Bail Bonds is a limited liability corporation (LLC) that was established in Ascension Parish, Louisiana in 2014.
We don't have an office. We come out to meet you wherever you are 24/7! No need to drive anywhere! Call us at 225-252-9429 and we'll help you where you are, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, money order and cash. We do not accept checks.
We are very flexible and we pride ourselves on trying to help everyone. Usually our payment plans can be custom designed to meet any budget. Payment plans require a minimal down payment and some payment options do require an approved co-signer. Ask us about your specific case - as this varies from case to case.


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