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When your family or loved one is arrested and brought to the Ascension Parish Jail, the booking process and posting bail can be very confusing. If you have never gone through the process, you may not know where to start. It can be stressful for your loved one and they are counting on you to help them get out of jail. No worries...we're here to help.

If your loved one was just arrested, their bail amount may not be set as soon as they arrive at Ascension Parish Jail. It's ok. You can still get the process started. Dauthier's Bail Bondsmen are friendly, non-judgemental and very experienced with the booking/processing and bail bonds system in Ascension Parish. We've been helping families get released from jails across southern Louisiana since 2014. In other words, we know this can be stressful and confusing for your family and we're here to help. We can talk you through the entire process.

How To Post Bail in Ascension Parish

You do not need to call the jail or courthouse first. As soon you are aware your loved one is in jail, call our bail bondsman. We have a system for obtaining accurate bail information quickly. All you need to tell your bondsman is the person's FULL NAME what JAIL and the CHARGES (if you know them).

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Once we obtain the bail amount, we can work with you on payment options. We pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible bondsman in Ascension Parish. We work with your budget and payments can be customized to your circumstances with a small down payment.
Once you have setup a payment plan with our bail bondsman, we will post the bond to the Ascension Parish Jail and your loved one will be released. While we can post the bond almost instantly, the actual release time may vary due to the processing at the jail. This can be as quick as 30 minutes or may take a few hours. This depends on release process at the jail or detention center.


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Why Use Dauthier's Bail Bondsmen?

Dauthiers Bail Bonds in Livingston Parish

Flexible Payment Plans

Payment plans are available with an approved co-signer and small down payment. Plans for every budget.

24/7 Bail Bonds - On Call!

You can reach Dauthier's Bail Bonds anytime, day or night! Our team is dedicated to helping you fast!

Most Friendly Service

We offer a judgement-free, friendly attitude to everyone we help. We treast everyone like family!

Fast & Dependable

We know how stressful this can be. We work quickly to post bail and get your loved one out of jail faster!

Why ASCENSION Parish Jail?

The Louisiana Department of Corrections (LADOC) has guidelines for placement of offenders. These guidelines include a variety of detaining placement factors such as custody classification, space availability, level of care designations (medical and/or mental health) and many other contributing factors. The city where the arrest occurs may also factor into placement. For Ascension Parish, an arrest made in any of the following locations usually places the arrested party in Ascension Parish Jail: Donaldsonville, Gonzales, Sorrento, Lemannville, Prairieville, Aben, Acy, Barmen, Barton, Belle Helene, Bowden, Brignac, Brittany, Brusly McCall, Bullion, Burnside, Cofield, Cornerview, Darrow, Duckroost, Duplessis, Dutchtown, Galvez, Geismar, Hillaryville, Hobart, Hoben Solms, Hope Villa, Lake, Little Prairie, McElroy, Marchand, Miles, Modeste, Mount Houmas, Oak Grove, Noel, Palo Alto, Philadelphia Point, Saint Elmo, Saint Amant, Smoke Bend, Southwood, and Weber City.

Other Questions About Bail Bonds

A judge sets the bail amount. In order to get released from jail until court date or trial, defendant must pay the bail amount. Unless bail is posted (paid), the defendant must remain in jail until their appointed court date. If defendant cannot afford to pay bail, a bail bondsman can post the bail for the defendant. This is called a bail bond. The bondsman charges a fee for this service. Once the defendant appears before the court, the bail bond is dissolved and bondsman keeps thier fee regardless of trial outcome.
No, bail and bond are not the same thing. Bail is the court-ordered amount of money that a defendant must pay in order to be released from jail while awaiting trial. A bond is legal surety between the posting party (bondsman) and the court. The bondsman can post this bond to the court on the defendant's behalf. The bond (called a "bail bond") assures the court that the defendant will show up for court on the assigned trial date. If defendant fails to appear or violates the conditions of the release, he/she will be returned to jail and the court will demand that bail be paid in full. Bondsman will use the defendant's assigned collateral to pay the remaining bail amount.
The court sets the actual bail amount. However, if the defendant cannot afford to pay bail, they can hire a bail bondsman (bail agent) for a "bail bond." The bail bond will cost a small percentage of the bail amount. The defendant is responsible for paying this fee to the bail bondsman who then post the bail bond to the court for the release of the defendant until trial. Dauthier's Bail Agents offer the lowest bail bonds fees in Livingston parish and offer flexible payment options.
When bail is set, you have the opportunity to pay the bail in full to the court yourself. If do pay the full bail amount directly to the court, you will get a refund from the court regradless of the trial outcome. If you hire a bail bondsman (bail agent) to post bail for you, you will pay this bondsman a fee for this service. This bail bonds fee is NOT refunded after trial - regardless of trial outcome.


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